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How to download the latest artifact from Artifactory repository?

I need the latest artifact (for example, a snapshot) from a repository in Artifactory. This artifact needs to be copied to a server (Linux) via a script.

What are my options? Something like Wget / SCP? And how do I get the path of the artifact?

I found some solutions which require Artifactory Pro. But I just have Artifactory, not Artifactory Pro.

Is it possible at all to download from Artifactory without the UI and not having the Pro-Version? What is the experience?

I'm on OpenSUSE 12.1 (x86_64) if that matters.

Answer Source

Artifactory has a good extensive REST-API and almost anything that can be done in the UI (perhaps even more) can also be done using simple HTTP requests.

The feature that you mention - retrieving the latest artifact, does indeed require the Pro edition; but it can also be achieved with a bit of work on your side and a few basic scripts.

Option 1 - Search:

Perform a GAVC search on a set of group ID and artifact ID coordinates to retrieve all existing versions of that set; then you can use any version string comparison algorithm to determine the latest version.

Option 2 - the Maven way:

Artifactory generates a standard XML metadata that is to be consumed by Maven, because Maven is faced with the same problem - determining the latest version; The metadata lists all available versions of an artifact and is generated for every artifact level folder; with a simple GET request and some XML parsing, you can discover the latest version.

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