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Java Question

Sorting <Player> ArrayList names alphabetically

* Sorts the list of players alphabetically by name.
* Adapt insertion sort algorithm.
* You can assume that no two players have the same name.
* Question T1. Adapting insertion sort for this method
* could yield efficiencies relative to some other approaches
* for some important special cases.
* Do you agree and if so why? Write about 6 to 10 lines.
public void alphabeticSort() {
Player temp;

for (int i = 0; i < players.size(); i++) {
for (int j = players.size() - 1; j > i; j--)
if (players.get(i).compareTo(players.get(j)) < 0) {

temp = players.get(i);
players.set(i, players.get(j));
players.set(j, temp);

I've been trying and trying but I am having some difficulty trying to compare as you are unable to use
with a
. We are also unable to use any

A push in the right direction would be great!

Answer Source

If you want to compare players by names, then compare the objects by their names:

if (players.get(i).getName().compareTo(players.get(j).getName()) < 0) {

If you're allowed to use Collections.sort, then the implementation could be a lot simpler and better:

public void alphabeticSort() {
    Collections.sort(players, (p1, p2) -> p1.getName().compareTo(p2.getName()));
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