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JSON Question

send json data to array(movieclip) as3.0

I am building an air app in flash cs6 using as3. I need to send a json to movieclip. I wanted to create a "timeline" on my application.
This is the code I use.

function onCompleteLoadTimeline(event:Event){
var result:Object = JSON.parse(event.target.data);
var yPos = 0;
for (var h:int=0; h<=1; h++){
tpost = new t_post();
tpost.x = 0;
tpost.y = 0;
timeline_container[h].y = yPos;
yPos += timeline_container[h].batas.y;

for (var i:Object in result){
for (var j:int=0; j<=1; j++){
timeline_container[j].nama.text = result[i].timeline_name;
timeline_container[j].postingan.text = result[i].timeline_post;
trace ("nama : "+result[i].timeline_name);
trace ("status : "+result[i].timeline_post);
trace ("waktu : "+result[i].date);
trace ("suka : "+result[i].likers);

for the code only the latest data appear in the movie clip.
please help me.

Answer Source

You have a few for loops that go up to 1. I don't know what they are for.

The only loop that you need is the one iterating over the result.

var result:Object = JSON.parse(event.target.data);
var yPos = 0;

for (var i:Object in result){
    var tpost:t_post = new t_post();
    tpost.y = yPos;
    tpost.nama.text = result[i].timeline_name;      
    tpost.postingan.text = result[i].timeline_post;
    yPos += tpost.height + 10;

I have no idea what batas means (use English in your code!) which is why I created the logic to position the objects myself. If yours worked for you, just use that.

I also omitted the array code for brevity.

Btw: You are essentially building a custom component with a custom way to display data which is often referred to as an "item renderer". Go ahead and search for that term if you don't want to build everything from scratch.