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How do I create a segue that can be called from a button that is created programmatically?

In Swift I have a button created programmaticaly using:

var button = UIBarButtonItem(title: "Tableau", style: .Plain, target: self, action: "tabBarTableauClicked")

I want that when the user clicks the button it changes viewControllers.
Here is the code for

func tabBarTableauClicked(){
performSegueWithIdentifier("tableau", sender: self)

But it is obviously not working because there is no segue with an identifier called "tableau".

And I can't create a segue using Ctrl + click the button and drag to the second viewController because the button is created programatically and not in the Storyboard.

How can I create a segue with an identifier programmatically in Swift?

Answer Source

Here is how to set up a segue so that it can be called programmatically.

  • Control drag from the ViewController icon in the first view controller to the second view controller.
  • Click on the segue arrow between the two view controllers, and in the Attributes Inspector on the right, give the segue an Identifier (tableau in your case).
  • Then you can trigger the segue with performSegueWithIdentifier in your code.

enter image description here

You can read more about setting up and using segues here.

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