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Fetching API and make its data accessible across component

I'm fetching an API in one of my components, and sending its data to the

state. It works fine.

But I want to start breaking out my app into smaller components. And I want to be able to access the data from any other component. And I don't want to have to make a different API call each time.

This is the component I have below, where the data is being pulled. What's the best way to access the API's data from across the app?

I'm also currently using a
to refresh the data every minute.


export default class Home extends Component {

constructor(props) {

this.state = {
dataAPI: [],
isLoading: true

// Refresh data every 60 seconds (60,000 ms)
setInterval(() => {
}, 60000);


componentDidMount() {

render() {
var {isLoading} = this.state;
return this.renderLoadingMessage();
return this.renderResults();

fetchData() {
var url = '';
.then( response => response.json() )
.then( jsonData => {
var myData = [];

isLoading: false,
dataAPI: [].concat(myData)
.catch( error => console.log('Fetch error ' + error) );

renderLoadingMessage() {
return (
<ActivityIndicator animating={true} />

renderResults() {
var {isLoading} = this.state;
var d = this.state.dataAPI[0];

if ( !isLoading ) {
return (


AppRegistry.registerComponent('Home', () => Home);

Answer Source

you might want to use react redux.

Its a little hard to setup but once u have setup its easy to manage and u get info anywhere in the app refer this link: Getting started with Redux.

It covers different aspects of using redux. Starting off with a simple example of counter. It also deals with how to manage an api call where the result can be accessed anywhere from the app.

Good luck!

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