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Bootstrap Intellisense Missing Visual Studio 2015

I installed Visual Studio 2015 this week. However I discovered that I have no intellisense in my Razor Views.

In Visual studio 2013 it worked fine.

My all my css files are under

), including bootstrap.

Here is the bundle config:

bundles.Add(new StyleBundle("~/Content/smartadmin").IncludeDirectory("~/Content/css", "*.min.css"));

When I try to use some bootstrap css in my razor view, nothing pops up in the autocomplete box. There should be a purple icon next to the bootstrap classes right..? There are no icons and no css classes listed which is available under the bootstrap package.

I did a sanity check and created a new MVC 5 application. This comes shipped with bootstrap. This works, all the intellisense is there.

How do i fix this issue? Surely it must be a problem with my Solution? Does it not like the css files to be under a sub folder under content?

UPDATE: So i copied in the unminified versions of the files, then it got picked up. So anyone know the reason why VS does not pick up minified files for intellisense?

Answer Source

It seems like the solution is to add non-minified Files to your solution in order for intellisense to work. I think it is due to Microsoft splitting out the minifier into a separate extension.

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