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Is it possible to pass !important as parameter/option for LESSCSS mixins?

This is what I already have:


But this is what I actually wanted to do:

.coloring(@color, @important:''){
color:@color @important;

So I could call:

.coloring(@color, !important);

But I get the error message "ParseError: Unrecognised input"

Is there a way to tell this mixin optoinally to use "!important" for the CSS statements?

Answer Source

See The !important keyword. E.g. can just use .coloring(red) !important; w/o mixin changes. Or use escaping for the modified mixin since ! is not allowed symbol in mixin parameter values (i.e. .coloring(red, ~'!important');).

Also note that the default value of '' for the @important parameter is not correct since the mixin call with this parameter omitted will result in invalid color: color ''; CSS (use @important... or @important: ~'' if you need an "empty" default value ).

P.S. Also do not miss that you can supply both color and !important values as a single parameter, i.e. .coloring(red ~'!important'); would be also correct method to invoke your initial method (if you need only color property to have the !important modifier contrary to .coloring(red) !important; syntax where !important applies to all CSS properties within the mixin).

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