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Android Material Design Inline Datepicker issue

I have a

with a Datepicker

In the previous versions of Android the Datepicker is this:

enter image description here

And I can scroll the single elements of Datepicker day, month, years without problems

In Android Lollipop API level 21 Material, the Datepiker is shown in this way:

enter image description hereenter image description here

If I click on the month is shown a calendar view and I cannot change the month, I can only select the day. If I try to edit the year is shown a year scroller, but If I try tro scroll it, the whole layout where datepicker is contained is scrolled, not only the date.


seems ignored

How could I fix this issue???

Answer Source

The calendarViewShown attribute is deprecated in the calendar-style date picker. If you want the spinner-style date picker back, you can set the datePickerMode attribute to spinner.

    android:datePickerMode="spinner" />

As for the scrolling issue, the calendar-style date picker doesn't support nested scrolling.

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