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UIStackView - Want a percentage to define each item

I want to put two views into a UIStackView. I want the top item to always be 30% of the space no matter what device (or orientation) that it appears. Thus, I want to have the bottom view to be 70%. How do I tell a UIStackView that I want to use a percentage?

Example resulting view

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Just set a constraint for the top view.

In the storyboard's Document Outline control-drag from the top view to the stack view and select Equal heights. This will make their heights equal. Now go to the Size Inspector and you should see the constraint. Double click on it and set the multiplier to 0.3. Then update the frames.

If the bottom view doesn't automatically size or it gives you an error telling that you need a height constraint, just repeat the process, but now set the multiplier to 0.7.

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