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Unable to pipe cmdlet objects in cmd

i am using this powershell command to fetch a particular user profile

"Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile | Where-Object {$_.LocalPath -eq 'C:\Users\Pela'}"

But when i am using this same command in cmd by invoking powershell i am getting
'Where-Object is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file'

The command i am running in cmd is as follows :-
"powershell Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile | Where-Object {$_.LocalPath -eq 'C:\Users\Pela'}"

I need to run this command from cmd only , i don't have any other options .
So please give me an alternative to "Where-Object"

Answer Source

So please give me an alternative to "Where-Object"

powershell Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile | Where-Object {$_.LocalPath -eq 'C:\Users\Pela

You don't need an alternative. The above command is failing because the pipe | is being interpreted by the cmd shell and not by PowerShell.

If you escape the pipe ^| then the piping is done by the PowerShell command as expected:

powershell Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile ^| Where-Object {$_.LocalPath -eq 'C:\Users\Pela


F:\test>powershell Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile ^| Where-Object {$_.LocalPath -eq 'C:\Users\DavidPostill'}

__GENUS           : 2
__CLASS           : Win32_UserProfile
__DYNASTY         : Win32_UserProfile
__RELPATH         : Win32_UserProfile.SID="S-1-5-21-1699878757-1063190524-3119395976-1000"
__DERIVATION      : {}
__SERVER          : HAL
__NAMESPACE       : root\cimv2
__PATH            : \\HAL\root\cimv2:Win32_UserProfile.SID="S-1-5-21-1699878757-1063190524-3119395976-1000"
LastDownloadTime  :
LastUploadTime    :
LastUseTime       : 20160822200129.697000+000
Loaded            : True
LocalPath         : C:\Users\DavidPostill
RefCount          : 146
RoamingConfigured : False
RoamingPath       :
RoamingPreference :
SID               : S-1-5-21-1699878757-1063190524-3119395976-1000
Special           : False
Status            : 0
PSComputerName    : HAL

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