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AsciiDoc "referenced links" (as in Markdown)

Reference-style links are quite useful since I can refer to the links by its names. For instance, in Markdown I'm used to do something like:

The [Web site][tag-web-site] references...blah.

[tag-web-site]: https://web-site-url.tld

...and it will create a link based on the

Is there any way I can mimic this functionality in AsciiDoc? I've tried but so far I can't find anything.

Answer Source

AsciiDoc doesn’t have reference-style links, but you can use attributes (variables) for the same purpose.

= Title
:tag-web-site: https://web-site-url.tld

The {tag-web-site}[Web site] references...blah.

Such attributes are usually prefixed with uri-, like uri-web-site.

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