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Javascript Question

how to disable mouse click when progress-bar is loading?

i create one page app in angular . i want when my progress-bar load at that time i want to load some CSS for disable work.
so, how i can do this?i create one page app in angular .
i use this code for load progress-bar

.config(['cfpLoadingBarProvider', function (cfpLoadingBarProvider) {
cfpLoadingBarProvider.includeSpinner = true;
cfpLoadingBarProvider.includeBar = true;

and i want that when this load at that time disable mouse click event.

Answer Source

I am considering here a button disable after click..

function myCtrl($scope) {



         if( response!=null && != null){

<div ng-app ng-controller="myCtrl">
    <button ng-disabled="disable==true" ng-click="btnClick()">Submit</button>

From this example you'll get some idea of disabling items..

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