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Ember CLI Live Reload Not Working

I've seen other similar questions here and here but neither of those worked for me.

I'm on a mac and simply installed ember cli using npm and I thought it would work out of the box. Here is the server output:

version: 0.1.4
Could not find watchman, falling back to NodeWatcher for file system events
Livereload server on port 35729
Serving on

Build successful - 2456ms.

Slowest Trees | Total
EsnextFilter | 877ms
TreeMerger | 380ms
Concat | 375ms
JSHint - Tests | 178ms
EsnextFilter | 146ms
ES6Concatenator | 135ms

Answer Source

I wasn't the only one with this issue and my friend found a solution that works.

Add the following lines to your .ember-cli in the root of your project:

"liveReload": true,
"watcher": "polling"

Once you restart the server, it should watch for changes to your directory.

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