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Is using php common for making website?

I am trying to make a website using html, css, bootstrap, php and mysql. But recently , while I was searching through the security aspect of the web development on web, I read some articles declaring php as a very vulnerable language and also stating that facebook uses a different framework for php just for the very same reason. Surely they were not very convincing as they were not from any genuine source. So I thought it would be better if someone having experience enough could clear my doubt.

EDIT 1:I am creating website which stores info. like credit card info , passwords, messages, pictures ,etc

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One can Always make his website secure(with any type of data) if the proper standards are followed during coding Developing websites using PHP can be secure if you avoid trivial security issue like

1.Cross Site Scripting
2.SQL Injection
3.Denial of Service Attacks
4.And some More of Them

you can refer below url http://php.net/manual/en/security.php to get some knowledge about web - security in php

These days any code is crackable, so go ahead with what you know better, rather learning some other language and developing websites using them

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