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iOS Question

How to pass the value between viewcontrollerB into viiewcontrollerA using push segue

I'm having two view controller A and B. when click button on view controllerA it will navigate to view controllerB and their is a tableview with textlabel,when i click on tableviewcell i want to navigate back into viewcontrollerA and want to pass that textlabel value back to viewcontrollerA

Answer Source

if you are using push seque is the worst way, reason you increase the memory in your stack trace.

you can do this in multiple ways, search once in google you get multiple answer related to this

  1. UnWind Segue

  2. Protocols & delegates

  3. local database method

  4. using Singleton class.

  5. Using bean object method.

  6. using Plist

  7. finally go for NSUserDefault

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