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JSON Question

How to parse/deserlize a dynamic JSON in Golang


Consider the following is the JSON :

"Bangalore_City": "35_Temperature",
"NewYork_City": "31_Temperature",
"Copenhagen_City": "29_Temperature"

If you notice, the data is structured in such a way that there is no hard-coded keys mentioning
its basically just values.

Issue: I am not able to parse any JSON which is dynamic.

Question: Could anyone have found solution for this kind of JSON parsing? I tried go-simplejson, gabs & default
but no luck.

The above JSON is just for sample. And there are lot of applications which are using the current API, So I do not want to change how the data is structured. I mean I cant change to something as follows:

"Temperature": "35"

Then I can define

type TempData struct {
City_Name string
Temperature string

Answer Source

You can unmarshal into a map[string]string for example:

m := map[string]string{}
err := json.Unmarshal([]byte(input), &m)
if err != nil {

Output (wrapped):

map[Bangalore_City:35_Temperature NewYork_City:31_Temperature

Try it on the Go Playground.

This way no matter what the keys or values are, you will have all pairs in a map which you can print or loop over.

Also note that although your example contained only string values, but if the value type is varying (e.g. string, numbers etc.), you may use interface{} for the value type, in which case your map would be of type map[string]interface{}.

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