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Javascript Question

Unexpected token } at html tag

While using php, and doing several things I append this code to a HTML tag:

$tmp = $result[$i]['name'];
echo '<p><a href="#" onClick="setFood("'.$temp.'")"><b>'.$tmp.'</b></a></p>';

here is the setFood function

function setFood(food){
localStorage.setItem('currentFood', food);

I get the error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token }

and it redirects me to this:


Marking the error at the second line. and somethings it redirects to the
Also if I remove the href and the function that I want to use it works:

echo '<p><a href="food_specification.html"><b>'.$tmp.'</b></a></p>';

Any idea what the problem can be? All the js are being implemented correctly.

Answer Source

Your output will be onClick="setFood("temp")",try below: echo '<p><a href="#" onClick="setFood(\''.$temp.'\')"><b>'.$tmp.'</b></a></p>';

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