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Node.js Question

How to add a while(1) loop in nodeJS

In NODEJS I want a function that will keep executing after every 5 seconds, and I used while(1) loop with a time out of 5 seconds. But its not working.


var ms=4000;
ms += new Date().getTime();
while (new Date() < ms){}



Answer Source

In Javascript you can create some tasks to be called on every interval needed using setInterval:

setInterval(functionToCallOnInterval, intervalInMilliSeconds);

setInterval(function() {
  console.log('called about every 5 seconds');
}, 5000);

setInterval(myFunc, 6000);

function myFunc() {
  console.log('called about every 6 seconds');


setInterval timing is not accurate so you can't count on this for vital situations.

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