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Java Question

Java: Check if two double values match on specific no of decimal places

Comparing those two values shall result in a "true":

53.9173333333333 53.9173

Answer Source

If you want a = 1.00001 and b = 0.99999 be identified as equal:

return Math.abs(a - b) < 1e-4;

Otherwise, if you want a = 1.00010 and b = 1.00019 be identified as equal, and both a and b are positive and not huge:

return Math.floor(a * 10000) == Math.floor(b * 10000);
// compare by == is fine here because both sides are integral values.
// double can represent integral values below 2**53 exactly.

Otherwise, use the truncate method as shown in

BigDecimal aa = new BigDecimal(a);
BigDecimal bb = new BigDecimal(b);
aa = aa.setScale(4, BigDecimal.ROUND_DOWN);
bb = bb.setScale(4, BigDecimal.ROUND_DOWN);
return aa.equals(bb);
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