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Wait until scope variable is loaded before using it in the view in angular.js

I've seen this and this but it seems like there might be a simpler way.

In my view I have several menu options that are controlled through permissioning - i.e., not everyone can see a "Dashboard" view. So in my menu option in my view I have something like the following:

<li ng-show="validatePermission('Dashboard')">Dashboard</li>

In my controller I have a validatePermission method defined where it is looking at the permissions of the current user. For example:

$scope.validatePermission = function(objectName) {
if $scope.allPermissions......

Also in my controller I'm loading those permissions via an $http call:

$http.get('permissions/' + userid + '.json').success(function(data) {
$scope.allPermissions = data;....

The issue is that $scope.allPermissions doesn't get loaded before the view makes the call to validatePermission. How can I wait for allPermissions to be loaded before the view renders?

Answer Source

Have the validatedPermission function return false when allPermissions hasn't been loaded. That way the element with your ng-show won't be displayed until allPermissions has been loaded.

Alternatively, put an ng-show="allPermissions" on the enclosing <ul> or <ol>.

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