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Java Question

Add date with special character in enum

I try to enum date with special character like this :

public enum Myenum implements enumTypes
TO, '2015-01', '2015-02'

But I got an error:
Invalid character constant

I would like to know how to enum with special character.

Answer Source

You can't. Java enum values have to follow the rules for Java identifiers as described in Java Language Specification version 8, section 3.8 Identifiers:

An identifier is an unlimited-length sequence of Java letters and Java digits, the first of which must be a Java letter.

   IdentifierChars but not a Keyword or BooleanLiteral or NullLiteral
   JavaLetter {JavaLetterOrDigit}
   any Unicode character that is a "Java letter"
   any Unicode character that is a "Java letter-or-digit"

This means that a single quote (') or minus (-) is not allowed (and a lot of other characters that are not a letter or digit), nor can an identifier start with a number.

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