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PHP Question

Push data as sub Arrays in one array

I know that this is asked few times here but there is an advanced problem.

I got an array

and I need to got this structure when

$data[0] => [
'value1' => string(x) "some data",
'value2' => string(x) "some other data"

$data[1] => ... ...

I know that can't execute
with array keys also tried code bellow but I got two big arrays. I just need one big array with small sub arrays

My Code

$authors['email'] = array();
$authors['name'] = array();
foreach (json_decode($response)->response->docs AS $docs)
$articleAuthors = explode(', ', $docs->authors);
foreach ($docs->email as $email) {
array_push($authors['email'], $email);
array_push($authors['name'], $articleAuthors[$i]);

Answer Source

Try this, to get one array with little subarrays

$authors = array();
foreach($docs->email as $email){
   array_push($authors, array('email'=>$email,'name'=>$articleAuthors[$i]));
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