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PHP Question

Combine JPG's into one PDF with PHP

I'm trying to take a series of JPG's and combine them into one PDF file with each JPG being it's own page. I'm guessing ImageMagick is the best way to do this, however I can't seem to figure out how to combine the files. I see the combineImages method here :


But cannot find any examples. I'm new to imagemagick so I'm still trying to figure out the syntax.

Can ImageMagick do what I'm asking? And if so can someone write up a quick example?


Answer Source

In PHP you can use:

$images = array("file1.jpg", "file2.jpg");

$pdf = new Imagick($images);
$pdf->writeImages('combined.pdf', true); 

The true parameter on writeImages is important because it will make the method write a sequence of images, not only one.

You also can do this from command line:

convert file1.jpg file2.jpg output.pdf
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