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Ruby Question

Checking if ActiveRecord find returns a result

I'm trying to check if a find method returns a result. My find method is the following:

post = Post.find(:all, :conditions => { :url => params['url'] }, :limit => 1)

What would be a good way to check that
contains a result?

Answer Source

find :all returns an empty array ([]) if no rows are returned, so you can just use it this way:

post = Post.find(:all, :conditions => { :url => params['url'] }, :limit => 1)

unless post.empty?
  # do something...

By the way, if you do find :all you're going to get an array, not a single row. If you're trying to get just one Post, it would be cleaner to use the find_by helper or find :first or just first instead:

post = Post.find_by_url params['url']

# or

post = Post.first :conditions => { :url => params['url'] }

# then...

if post
  # do something...
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