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Python Question

Generate String From List

I want to take the values from the following list and insert them into a string. This is the format of the list:

[{u'level': {u'status': u'Automatic', u'lastReportedAt': u'2016-05-09T06:37:26Z', u'lowPercent': 10, u'highPercent': 10}, u'color': u'Black', u'type': u'Economy', u'carId': u'319142c0-c2dc-4498-8cb0-0cc9babdee56', u'engineNumber': u'24B6035', u'rrfType': u'Cab'}

The output string should be something like this:

"Your car is an Automatic, Black, Economy".

The "Automatic", "Black", and "Economy" values are all values from the list. This will be running in Python 2.7.

for car in carList:
    print("Your car is a {}, {}, {}.").format(car['level']['status'], car['color'], car['type'])

Edit to address the comment

t = ""
for car in carList:
    t += "Your car is a {}, {}, {}. ".format(car['level']['status'], car['color'], car['type'])