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How to symbolicate crash logs sent from apple reviewers?

I have recently submitted an app to the app store and it has gotten rejected. The app I made was specifically iPhone only, however i was unaware that you had to make sure it ran on an iPad as well (Apple Guidelines 2.10) and hence my app was rejected due to it crashing when the reviewers ran it on an iPad Air.

I do not own an iPad Air so I cannot replicate the crash on my side.
The reviewers have sent me a .crash file for the app and I'm having troubles trying to symbolicate it.

I have the .crash file as well as both the .dSYM and the .app files for the app's binary. how do I go about symbolicating the .crash file from here?

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Firstly, my suggestions :-

1) You can use Crashlytics SDK to get your crash reports in detail, its a very good crash reporter and free also. you will get the stack trace and even crash line.

2) It is not compulsory to make the app for both iPhone and iPad. If you have made the app Universal, then also you can set the app target device to iPhone only. If the user run on iPad, it will run as iPhone only. You can change the settings on Project Navigator -> Target ->General Tab -> Deployment Info -> Devices.

For info about apple guideline 2.10: iPhone apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution

For analyzing Crash report :- Check out these links :- 1) Link 1 2) Link 2

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