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AngularJS Question

Unable to set css property of element with angular

I have an element in the dom that i get in a directive like this


all good till i try to apply some new css to it like so

var el = angular.element.find('#id-campaign-menu');
el.css({left: 400});

I get

Uncaught TypeError: el.css is not a function(…)

Answer Source

Angular jQLite object doesn't lookup through custom element's and custom selector's. It does look up for nodes/DOM only like button, input, div, etc.

If you loaded jQuery before Angular then jQLite API gets overrided by jQuery API. So you can do selector based query over DOM.

You could change your query to below for make it working with jQLite.

var campaignMenu = angular.element(document.getElementById('id-campaign-menu');
campaignMenu.css({left: 400});
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