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twtrdefines.h not found - app doesn't build - Xcode 7, Twitter Fabric SDK

I've been trying to build my project since the last update of twitter's fabric SDK and it just refuses to build. I get three errors which I believe are because of some SDK changes (files removed). Can anyone help me out with this?

These are the errors:

Header 'TWTRDefines.h' not found ....:1:9: In file
included from :1:

Could not build module 'TwitterCore'

Could not build Objective-C module 'TwitterKit'

Actions taken so far:

Added the file twtrdefines.h from an earlier sdk version manually - didn't work

Commented lines of code causing errors - didn't work

Answer Source

The issue was a bug with the Twitter SDK and it went away with an update.

Alternatively, one could try switching to cocoapods for updates which was more efficient for me.

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