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Python Question

OS X: How to link updated Python version (3.4 to 3.6)

I use Python 3.4 as 'python3' in terminal (Python 2.7 as 'python'). I recently installed Python 3.6 with Homebrew, but I cannot seem to replace the 3.4 version under 'python3' with 3.6.

I tried this, but I get an error and "Operation not permitted". I'm figuring I need to change a path somewhere, but I'm not sure which files to change.

EDIT: The answer to this question did not solve my problem, I'm fine keeping the default as it is. It does make me realise that maybe just changing the alias is enough, or it that not the appropriate way to go about this? (e.g. this)

Answer Source

I ended up reinstalling, manually removing/reinstalling versions and packages, and then relinked the alias to the Python version I wanted to use. This setup seems to work for me so far.

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