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How to know which SKSpriteNode is affected by collision detection in Swift?

Situation: I have two or more ships on my iOS screen. Both have different attributes like name, size, hitpoints and score points. They are displayed as

and each one has added a

At the moment those extra attributes are variables of an extended

import SpriteKit
class ship: SKSpriteNode {
var hitpoints: Int = nil?
var score: Int = nil?

func createPhysicsBody(){
self.physicsBody = SKPhysicsBody(circleOfRadius: self.size.width / 2)
self.physicsBody?.dynamic = true

In this 'game' you can shoot at those ships and as soon as a bullet hits a ship, you get points. 'Hits a ship' is detected by collision.

func didBeginContact(contact: SKPhysicsContact){
switch(contact.bodyA.categoryBitMask + contact.bodyB.categoryBitMask){
case shipCategory + bulletCategory:
contactShipBullet(contact.bodyA, bodyB: contact.bodyB)

Problem: Collision detection just returns a physicsBody and I do not know how to get my extended
class just by this physicsBody.

Thoughts: Is it a correct way to extend
to get my objects like a ship to life? When I add a ship to my screen it looks like:

var ship = Ship(ship(hitpoints: 1, score: 100), position: <CGPosition>)

Or is this just a wrong approach and there is a much better way to find out which object with stats so and so is hit by a bullet thru collision detection?

This question is similar to my other question - I just want ask this in broader sense.

Answer Source

The SKPhysicsBody has a property node which is the SKNode associated to the body. You just need to perform a conditional cast to your Ship class.

    if let ship = contact.bodyA.node as? Ship {
        // here you have your ship object of type Ship
        print("Score of this ship is: \(ship.score)!!!")

Please note that the Ship node could be the one associated with bodyB so.

    if let ship = contact.bodyA.node as? Ship {
        // here you have your ship...
    } else if let ship = contact.bodyB.node as? Ship {
        // here you have your ship...

Hope this helps.

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