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Disable or prevent multitouch in Activity

I have several Views on an Activity which a user wants to touch quickly in succession and I capture these touches using a

and handling
. However, if the user is using two hands, it's very likely that the next View will be 'Touch'ed before the user pulls the previous finger up. In this scenario, a
is fired for the first view rather than the desired
for the second view.

Is there any way to work around or prevent this behavior? I've tried dispatching a new event with
and also removing the event listener but neither seem to work.

Answer Source

The best way to work around this scenario is to use a ViewGroup and implement the onInterceptTouchEvent method to manually route the touch events as you see fit.

This was originally answered here: Android multitouch! hack anyone?

Code implementing this solution (found in the comments section of the answer to the above question) is found here:

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