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Ionic build not reflecting changes when running or deploying to app

I am using the standard ionic template project that is generated from by WebStorm.

When I make simple changes (like adding a test alert(...)) in
and run the following set of commands, the changes are not reflected when the app runs or is deployed to the phone.

The following commands are ran from the root of my project.

ionic build android
ionic run|emulate android

Is there something I am missing that would not reflect the changes I am making?

Answer Source

So I was able to determine why this issue was occurring.

As I was testing on my android phone (Galaxy to be specific), everytime I would run the following command...

ionic run android

It would appear to deploy/install to my device, and it would open up the app. Howevever, it wasn't actually deploying the newest version as I was already running the previous version in the background.

The fix for this was to make sure that the application was not running (in foreground or background). This required me to make sure that if it was running, that I stop it before testing any changes.

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