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Android permission of creating database

Hi I have some problems in creating the sqlite database in android.

Everything is ok on the emulator, I can create the database. But it doesn't work on the actually machine. When I tried to debug the application on my phone, it just failed to create the database.

So can anyone tell my what happened? Is there any special permission I need to add in the Manifest file? I've tried ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES or WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, but still cannot get the database.

By the way, is the custom database can only be stored in the sd card but the root directory?

Thank you very much!!

Answer Source

Without any feedback in the error, it is impossible to tell you what's wrong in your code. Nevertheless, I can tell you that you do not need ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES for using your own database. You should not need WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE either unless you are trying to access the sdcard.

The databases are stored by default in a subfolder of your app folder in the internal storage, i.e.:


If you do that on a physical device it has to be rooted though.

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