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Apache Configuration Question

Apache won't start in wamp

I have been googling for the past few hours but I simply can't get my apache on wamp to start. My skype isn't running, and the test port 80 shows it isn't being used by anything. Before this happened, I was trying to add a new vhost, but now I have reverted back all of the files where I made changes. Anyway to debug why apache won't start?

Clicking on start/resume service for apache doesn't show any errors either.

Also just in case, I am running Win7 64bit

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If you have an issue in the httpd.conf or any files included by it there are a couple of ways to find out what the problem is

First look at your Windows Event Viewer. Click on the Windows link in the left and menu and then Applications. Look for messages from Apache with the red error icon.

Secondly, open a command window, then CD into \wamp\bin\apache\apache2.x.y\bin, replace x,y with your actual version. Now you can run this command to get Apache(httpd) to vaidate the httpd.conf file.

httpd.exe -t

This should give errors with line numbers related to the http.conf file. It stops on the first error, so you will have to keep running it and fixing the error and then run it again until it gives the all OK message.

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