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Scala Question

What is RDD in spark

Definition says:

RDD is immutable distributed collection of objects

I don't quite understand what does it mean. Is it like data (partitioned objects) stored on hard disk If so then how come RDD's can have user-defined classes (Such as java, scala or python)

From this link: It mentions:

Users create RDDs in two ways: by loading an external dataset, or by
distributing a collection of objects (e.g., a list or set) in their
driver program

I am really confused understanding RDD in general and in relation to spark and hadoop.

Can some one please help.

Answer Source

An RDD is, essentially, the Spark representation of a set of data, spread across multiple machines, with APIs to let you act on it. An RDD could come from any datasource, e.g. text files, a database via JDBC, etc.

The formal definition is:

RDDs are fault-tolerant, parallel data structures that let users explicitly persist intermediate results in memory, control their partitioning to optimize data placement, and manipulate them using a rich set of operators.

If you want the full details on what an RDD is, read one of the core Spark academic papers, Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing

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