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audio.PlayOneShot doesn't work in Unity

I want my game to play sound when a player collides with coin, but the sound doesn't play. I don't receive any errors. I attached sound to Audio Source and script in Unity.

using UnityEngine;

public class TriggerCoin : MonoBehaviour

//Counter of collected coins

public AudioClip coinSound;
new AudioSource audio;

void Start()
audio = GetComponent<AudioSource>();

void Update()


void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)
GameObject gObj = other.gameObject;

if (gObj.CompareTag("Player"))
Debug.Log("You picked up coin!");
audio.PlayOneShot(coinSound, 0.8f);

Answer Source

See the problem below:

audio = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); shows that the AudioSource is attached to this script or GameObject this script(TriggerCoin) is attached to.

Then you play the audio: audio.PlayOneShot(coinSound, 0.8f);

And destroy the GameObject the immediately: Destroy(gameObject);.

The destroyed GameObjbect is holding the AudioSource too so it will take AudioSource with it to die.


Attach the AudioSource to an empty GameObject that does not destroy. Let's call it "AudioHolder" then find it an play the audio.

GameObject obj = GameObject.Find("AudioHolder");

AudioSource aud = obj.GetComponent<AudioSource>();

aud.PlayOneShot(coinSound, 0.8f);


Remove the new AudioSource audio; and rename audio to something else. It's a good idea to do that.

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