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MySQL pagination without double-querying?

I was wondering if there was a way to get the number of results from a MySQL query, and at the same time limit the results.

The way pagination works (as I understand it), first I do something like

query = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `table` WHERE `some_condition`

After I get the num_rows(query), I have the number of results. But then to actually limit my results, I have to do a second query like:

query2 = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `table` WHERE `some_condition` LIMIT 0, 10

My question: Is there anyway to both retrieve the total number of results that would be given, AND limit the results returned in a single query? Or any more efficient way of doing this. Thanks!

Answer Source

No, that's how many applications that want to paginate have to do it. It's reliable and bullet-proof, albeit it makes the query twice. But you can cache the count for a few seconds and that will help a lot.

The other way is to use SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS clause and then call SELECT FOUND_ROWS(). apart from the fact you have to put the FOUND_ROWS() call afterwards, there is a problem with this: There is a bug in MySQL that this tickles that affects ORDER BY queries making it much slower on large tables than the naive approach of two queries.

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