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iOS Question

Can't create itunesconnect sandbox tester

I'm stuck with itunesconnect. For testing my in-app purchase code of an iOS app I try to create a sandbox tester account, but all I get is "An unknown error has occurred."
As email address I use a gmail address like "" which is not an existing Apple ID.

The only weird thing I can see is the date-of-birth thing where I can specify month and day only (no year).

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Is that a problem inside itunesconnect or what can I do here? Any help is appreciated.


Answer Source

I was just running into the same issue. I was able to finally get a test account through when i removed the +abcd from my address and just used another account I have.

So even though they say to use the +abcd thing it throws and "Unknown Error" when you try and use it.

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