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Python Question

Passing arg to

I have a series of scripts that get called in an explicit order by another

I have the following:

script1 = str(sys.path[0]) + "\\"["Python", script1])

And so on for 3 scripts. If I would like to pass two arguments to script 1 in this format, arguments such as explicit run settings to be used in the script when it is executing, how would I do this? I have a feeling it would rely on sys.argv within script1, but have gotten errors about the argument being out of range regardless of what index position I pass.


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Subprocesses takes a list of arguments, which it then turns into a command it executes.

So:["Python", script1, 'arg1', 'arg2'])

To, all the parts of its list are arguments. You just happen to be specifying "Python" and script1, but to subprocess, both are just other arguments.

There is a lot more reading on the documentation for subprocess which I would recommend looking over.

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