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SQL Question

SQL query to finds rows containing a value in a column that also appears in another column?

Given a team table represented as below.

id | name | owner_id | members
1 | Tigers |99 | 501,502,503
2 | Bears |100 | 100,600,601,602
3 | Swans |101 | 700,701,702

A team has a name, an owner (a foreign key to a user's table), and members (a list of id's related to users in a user's table).

The point here is that while owners are implicitly team members, their id does not appear in the members column. In the above example, row #2 is an error (id 100 appears in members column).

How can I query the table for rows which have owner_ids that also appear in members column?

Answer Source


select * from tbl
where find_in_set(owner_id,members)>0
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