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Laravel: Difference Between Route Middleware and Policy

I am developing an app with laravel, I realised that what can be done with

can exactly be done with
. Say I want to prevent a user from updating a route if he/she is not the owner of the information, I can easily check from the route and can do the same from the policy.

So my question is why should I use
over middleware and vice versa

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Route middleware allows you to apply request handling to a large range of routes, instead of repeating the code in every controller action - checking authentication and redirecting guests is a good example. Controllers instead contain logic unique to specific routes/actions - you could use middleware for this, but you'd need separate middleware for every route's logic and it would all get very messy.

Policies/abilities are simply a way of checking user permissions - you can query them from a controller, or from middleware, or anywhere else. They only return true or false, so they aren't equivalent to controllers or middleware. Most of the time abilities will be comparing a user to another model, which will have been loaded based on an identifier sent to a controller action, but there are probably some applications for use with middleware too.

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