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Passing JUnit data between tests

I just discovered when creating some CRUD tests that you can't set data in one test and have it read in another test (data is set back to its initialization between each test).

All I'm trying to do is (C)reate an object with one test, and (R)ead it with the next. Does JUnit have a way to do this, or is it ideologically coded such that tests are not allowed to depend on each other?

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Well, for unit tests your aim should be to test the smallest isolated piece of code, usually method by method. So testCreate() is a test case and testRead() is another. However, there is nothing that stops you from creating a testCreateAndRead() to test the two functions together. But then if the test fails, which code unit does the test fail at? You don't know. Those kind of tests are more like integration test, which should be treated differently.

If you really want to do it, you can create a static class variable to store the object created by testCreate(), then use it in testRead().

As I have no idea what version of Junit you talking about, I just pick up the ancient one Junit 3.8:

Utterly ugly but works:

public class Test extends TestCase{

    static String stuff;

    public void testCreate(){
        stuff = "abc";

    public void testRead(){
        assertEquals(stuff, "abc");
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