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Java Question

Error in rendering data using ResultSet

I'm having an error while rendering data using ResultSet. I'm having this error java.sql.SQLException: ResultSet is from UPDATE. No Data.
Here's my code snippet

ArrayList<String> arrayList = new ArrayList<String>();
Session session = null;
Connection conn = null;
CallableStatement callableStatement = null;
try {
// test
BeanLocator beanLocator = PortletBeanLocatorUtil
BasicDataSource bds = (BasicDataSource) beanLocator
conn = bds.getConnection();
String sp = "{call TINChkSP(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)}";
callableStatement = conn.prepareCall(sp);
callableStatement.setString(1, tin);
callableStatement.setString(2, branchCode);
callableStatement.setString(3, rdoCode);
callableStatement.registerOutParameter(4, Types.VARCHAR);
callableStatement.registerOutParameter(5, Types.VARCHAR);
callableStatement.registerOutParameter(6, Types.VARCHAR);
// all other callablestatement until all the 27 params are complete)

ResultSet resultSet = callableStatement.executeQuery();

while ( {
for (int i = 0; i <= 27; i++) {

The output of my ResultSet is null and gives me java.sql.SQLException: ResultSet is from UPDATE. No Data. error. Please help thanks.


I checked the System.out of each parameters using



and the outputs are:





The result of your OUT parameters, after your callableExecution.executeQuery() should be in the callableStatement variable.

To get them after the execution you must get by its type, like this:

String valueForOutput4 = callableStatement.getString(4);
String valueForOutput5 = callableStatement.getString(5); 
String valueForOutput6 = callableStatement.getString(6);

I assume that you want to have all the 27 fixed parameters passed to TINChkSP database function/procedure in your List. I assume that they are all of type String. I also assume that the first 3 parameters are not OUT parameters, but all of the others are OUT or IN/OUT.

Here's a possible solution.


// The first 3 elements are not OUT parameters (I guess)
List<String> values = Arrays.asList(tin, branchCode, rdoCode);

for (int i = 4; i <= 27; i++) {

System.out.println("The list: " + values.toString);

You can then remove the use of ResultSet, because it's gonna be useless.

Hope it helps.