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adding grouping lines to a barplot in R

I created a barplot using the follow code:

#create function for plotting error bars
errb <- function (x, y, ebl, ebu = ebl, length = 0.08, ...){
arrows(x, y + ebu, x, y - ebl, angle = 90, code = 3,
length = length, ...)

#generate plot data
means <- c(0.976,0.664, 1.12, 1.22)
errs <- c(0.16, 0.17, 0.16, 0.16)

#plot labels
names <- c('+NaCl', '+NaCl',expression(paste('+NaNO'[3])),expression(paste('+H'[2]*'O')))

plot1<-barplot(means, beside=T,border=NA,

It looks like this:

enter image description here

I'd like to add some labels in the top white space of the figure, to indicate whether or not the treatment
was present. The first bar is
and bars 2-4 are
. I'd like the outcome to look like this drawing:
enter image description here

How can I go about doing this in base R?

Answer Source

You just need to use text() and arrows(). Consider:

text(x=0.7, y=1.5, labels="(-E)", adj=c(.5,.5))
text(x=3.1, y=1.5, labels="(+E)", adj=c(.5,.5))
arrows(x0=1.4, x1=2.9, y0=1.5, code=1, angle=90, length=.1)
arrows(x0=3.3, x1=4.8, y0=1.5, code=2, angle=90, length=.1)

enter image description here

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