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Java Question

Job queuing library/software for Java

The premise is this: For asynchronous job processing I have a homemade framework that:

  • Stores jobs in database

  • Has a simple java api to create more jobs and processors for them

  • Processing can be embedded in a web application or can run by itself in on different machines for scaling out

  • Web UI for monitoring the queue and canceling queue items

I would like to replace this with some ready made library because I would expect more robustness from those and I don't want to maintain this. I've been researching the issue and figured you could use JMS for something similar. But I would still have to build a simple java API, figure out a runtime where I would put the processing when I want to scale out and build a monitoring UI. I feel like the only thing I would benefit from JMS is that I would not have to do is the database stuff.

Is there something similar to this that is ready made?


Basically this is the setup I would want to do:

  • Web application runs in a Servlet container or Application Server

  • Web application uses a client api to create jobs

  • X amount of machines process those jobs

  • Monitor and manage jobs from an UI

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