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Instagram API media endpoint giving null results

I have a requirement where i need to get all the images tagged at a given location in Instagram.
For this i am trying to use the Instagram API with Media Endpoint as described in the link

I use the following API URL to get the media information.

But the result is displayed as {"meta": {"code": 200}, "data": []}
The result is displayed same for any location co-ordinates.

The access key is valid and i get the result for location endpoints

Answer Source

You probably are in Sandbox mode

You will only see your photos and your sandbox users in results, try searching for a location that you have posted a photo and only that will show in results, once your app is reviewed and live, all results will show up.

The behavior of the API when you are in sandbox mode is the same as when your app is live, but comes with the following restrictions:

  • Data is restricted to sandbox users and the 20 most recent media from each sandbox user
  • Reduced API rate limits
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