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How to split a string with angularJS

I wanted to know if I can split a string simply in angularJS.
I have my

$scope.test = "test1,test2";

in my controller and in my view,
I wanted to do something like that

{{test[0] | split(',')}}
{{test[1] | split(',')}}

I've seen a lot thing about input and ng-change calling a function in the controller that split the string or something with ng-list but nothing works in my case.

thx to all.

Answer Source

You may want to wrap that functionality up into a filter, this way you don't have to put the mySplit function in all of your controllers. For example

angular.module('myModule', [])
    .filter('split', function() {
        return function(input, splitChar, splitIndex) {
            // do some bounds checking here to ensure it has that index
            return input.split(splitChar)[splitIndex];

From here, you can use a filter as you originally intended

{{test | split:',':0}}
{{test | split:',':0}}

More info at (thanks ross)

Plunkr @

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