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Passing variable between python scripts through shell script

I can't think of a way of doing what I am trying to do and hoping for a little advice. I am working with data on a computing cluster, and would like to process individual files on separate computing nodes. The workflow I have right now is something like the following:


Get files, parameters, other info from user

Then Call:


Submit to computing node


Process input file with parameters given

What I am trying to do is call and pass it each input data file one at a time so that there are multiple instances of running, one per file. Is there a good way to do this?

I suppose that the root of the problem is that if i were to iterate through a list of input files in I don't know how to then pass that information to and then on to

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From this description, I'd say the the straightforward way is to call directly from Python.

status, result = commands.getstatusoutput("" + arg_string)

Is that enough of a start to get you moving? Are the nodes conversant enough for one to launch a command directly on another? If not, you may want to consider looking up "interprocess communication" on Linux. If they're not even on the same Internet node, you'll likely need REST commands (post and get operations), from whence things grow more overhead.

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