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reST (reStructuredText) Question

Key not loaded: Key<Frame> while POSTing source frame through ParseSetup in H2O API call

My code:

curl -X POST http://localhost:54321/3/ParseSetup --data 'source_frames=["/root/documents/my_file.csv"]'


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Key not loaded: Key at


Could anyone help to resolve this? Am I missing any parameter?

Used H2O version:

Answer Source

My suggestion is to open Flow (http://localhost:54321) in a browser, then start Firebug (or the equivalent in your browser of choice), and the network tab. Then do a file import from Flow, then the parse, and make a note of exactly what it is sending.

(Alternatively do the import from R or Python with a packet sniffer going, but that sounds like harder work.)

Did you do the /3/ImportFiles calls first? (I actually see three calls: ImportFiles, ParseSetup, Parse.)

In my quick test I'm seeing the "nfs://" prefix on all the paths. Don't know if that is important.

But, my first guess would be that you should be using --data-urlencode instead of --data. Or manually URL-encode your data.

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