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How to prevent Chrome from requesting to save credit card information

I am trying to find a way to programmatically disable Chrome's "Do you want save this credit card info" prompt.

I have tried adding autocomplete="off" to all the inputs as well as the form, yet this prompt still comes up.

Is there a way to disable this programmatically?

Unfortunately, this is different from Disable browser 'Save Password' functionality because this all revolves around tricking Chrome into thinking the input field is not a password field / simply using autocomplete="off"

Chrome no longer acknowledges autocomplete="off"

Do you want chrome to save your credit card information

Answer Source

There's a good reason why Chrome ignores autocomplete="off" - it's not your information to decide whether or not the user's browser can save it. As such there is deliberately no way to disable this functionality programmatically.

You can make Chrome respect autocomplete="off" by setting the appropriate flag in chrome://flags which would give you the outcome you desire, but this only affects your browser - again, it's the user's information to decide to do with as they see fit.

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